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Online To Do Lists

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Remember the Milk

I’m obsessive about making lists. That doesn’t mean I actually do the tasks on the list, but it’s nice to know I have written them down in 20 different places.

Lately, I’ve been using a task list widget on Google Homepage to keep track of personal tasks. For work items, I just keep on open Word document or for more immediate tasks I make a note in my Outlook calendar. But all are very unsatisfying. The Google widget doesn’t tell me what I’ve done (just what I have left to do), Outlook is very annoying, and Word is bare bones. So I went hunting for an online solution.

The best site I’ve found so far has been Remember the Milk, which offers a fair amount of functionality, but not enough to drive me crazy. You can specify tasks in a variety of categories that you define, and either set definite due dates for those tasks or not. It’s free and there don’t appear to be any annoying ads (so I have no idea what the business model is…ads to come, maybe?). The site keeps track of when you’ve completed tasks and can even email reminders and let you share parts of your list.


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