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Awesome Pies from Down Under

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My friend and I spent the night wandering around Red Hook (water taxi to the pier, art show by the docks, bought a bottle of bourbon up the way, dinner at Brasserie 360) and finally landed at DUB Pies.

We didn’t actually have any of the pies, but I can attest the excellence of everything else. The chocolate-coconut desert was just awesome, and the coffee is made with obsessive-compulsive perfection by a Kiwi coffee nut who also kept us company and told us her very cool story (the shop’s very existence is serendipitous).

More amazing even than the in-store service, as we were walking to the subway, the owner rode up on his bicycle (from many blocks away) to bring us the aforementioned bourbon (which we had carelessly left at the restaurant). That’s (literally) going the extra mile! Will definitely be back for coffee, desert and (next time) for pie!

193 Columbia St.,
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(btw. Sackett & Degraw)
(646) 202 9412

They deliver! And they’ll ship pies anywhere!
Dub Pies in Brooklyn


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